The Week Ahead in My Speech Room

Here is what I have planned for The Week Ahead in My Speech Room!  Keeping up on my plans and making sure I highlight an objective and jot down an activity on each student data sheet for every session is helping me to survive this very busy time.  There is not a spare moment to think, so grabbing the materials planned and addressing the objective as indicated is keeping this girl's head above water.

My theme is loose this last week of February. While I had great intentions to Leap into the end of February, creating anything new was just not in the plans.  Remember that resolution.  I'm sticking to it!  Use what I have! So, with an Ocsar winning line-up here goes!

I've linked a couple FREE and purchased products that I will be using from other Teachers Pay Teachers stores.

Busy Bee Speech has this FREEBIE open ended Popcorn Speech reinforcement game that will be perfectly paired with any drill activity.

Many of my students are working on describing vocabulary. My girl Mia has these spectacular Describe It! Game Boards.  I love that each game board works on a different describing feature (parts, group, function, etc.). We will likely be "delivering pizza" for our Oscar party while identifying parts/components.  Go check out this product here!

In our OT/Speech Group we generally use Super Power Speech's Social Skills Curriculum, but also supplement our lessons with timely information specific to our students.  This week we will be using Michelle Garcia Winner's Rock Brain vs. Flexible Thinking concept.  I will be previewing some videos to demonstrate this concept to our students.  While I work on developing my Pinterest boards to include videos, I'm following this board. {Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this board.}

My articulation students will use Mia's articulation sticks and Sounds Like Fun's Ring a Lings for articulation drill.

Here is what I am using from my own TPT store.

The Making of Meaningful Relationships targets interpreting sentences that include comparative, spatial, temporal, sequential, and passive relationships.  It has a hollywood theme, tons of tricky problems and cue cards to help your students solve these relationships. These are great for my 4th and 5th grade students. 

I have SO many students working on basic sentence structures.  While I love to target grammatical structures in books, sometimes a little drill is needed. I will be using my Go-To Verbs. Simple, yet effective!
Have a great week!  We have a dress in Oscar worthy attire day this Friday at my school.  I may just dig in my closet for an old prom dress {not a chance} or sport an up-do {more likely, but it won't be Oscar worthy}. What does the week ahead look like in your speech room?

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