The Week Ahead in My Speech Room: February 29th

Here is what I have planned for The Week Ahead in My Speech Room!

It's time again for me to push into classrooms, so my therapy materials are minimal this week. You can read all my goals for pushing in HERE. I will be using this FREEBIE to collect data.

My 5th graders regularly see me during their library time. Let me explain. We do not have elementary librarians in our district. My room is attached to the library. At most, the kids check out a book and may have a few minutes to read silently. Many students on my caseload don't generally read for pleasure; therefore, library time is not as productive as you would imagine. So, after my 5th graders select their book, the books come into my room and I use them for therapy! The students work on articulation skills within reading, find conjunctions and see how they are used in text, and work on recall strategies as I read excerpts from their selected books.

This book is from the Scholastic Question and Answer Series. The books provide a series of questions with answers. This student is working on paraphrasing information from what he hears. We took turns reading questions and answers and then putting the ideas into our own words. Do tornadoes really twist? Why do volcanoes blow their tops?

The student that brought this book is working on expanding and combining sentences, so we found coordinating conjunctions and tried to find the clauses that were combined. He is also working on visualization to aid his recall and ability to express ideas. This book presented vivid accounts of the surroundings, so it was perfect for visualizing.

I will also be seeing my periodic articulation intervention students. Here is an open ended articulation worksheet that I created last year, but just now uploaded as a FREEBIE to TPT.

Have a productive week!  What does the week ahead look like in your room?


  1. Looks like another good week in your speech room!

  2. When you are working on so many things at once, how do you gather enough data during one short session.

    1. When I plan my lessons, I highlight one objective per student in which I will take data. While I may indirectly target additional objectives and target skills, I try to only target 1 or maybe 2 targets skills/objectives each session. I do this even with groups that are not as mixed! I also do "10" trials, trying to get data for 10 attempts for each target skill for language; however, I get many more trials of articulation, but may still only take 10 trials for data.


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