Hook Hacks for Busy SLPs!

I'm linking up with Doyle Speech Works to share my home hacks. I was so excited when #slpbestie Annie posted that she was hosting this linky. While I don't have 6 hacks, I have one hack that has found its way all over my home.

I love to organize and find new ways to store my junk. I'm pretty good at pinning hacks, but not so good at carrying out the hack myself. However, when I was cleaning today, I came across several hooks within my house. I guess I have a fondness for hooking up...my junk. While this first hook serves no purpose at all, it's one of my favorites. I'm sure I could hang something on it, but I like it just like it is! Get ready for hook overload!

I bought these hooks and popped them right onto this bar for hanging coats. Hangers just did not do the trick with a 10, 7, and 4 year old.  The coats get put on the hooks just about every day now!  Mom win!

These hooks (or clips) are perfect for hanging up all the lovely artwork brought home from preschool!

While I know this is not a hack, I gave up the towel bar for a hook bar.  The towels make it on the hooks!  Can you believe it?!

Please excuse the much needed cleaning job that may never occur in the garage. These heavy duty hooks, hung at the perfect height for little bodies, keep the scooters from scratching my car!  The extension ladder makes a pretty good hack for the bike helmets too!

I grabbed some cheap over the door plastic hooks for over the drawer clothes hangers. Each night I can easily throw all the clothing items onto the hook.

I love these little Command Hooks for the inside of cabinet drawers. These measuring cups are perfect for scooping snacks in my pantry. The other hook holds a bag for dirty rags under my sink.

Are you still with me?  Maybe I need an intervention? Don't you just love S-hooks? These hooks keep our markers, crayons, and dot markers at the ready in our create room.

This cute S-hook is the perfect spot for the mini broom and dust pan in my laundry room.

Okay, so this again is not a hack, but these hooks hold winter coats for drying after a day of fun in the snow as well as our swimming bags in the laundry room.

I guess I have an addiction.  I even use hooks in my speech room.  I use S-hooks to hang cards on rings from the chalk tray and these lovely magnetic hooks on everything from the heater to the electrical panels and filing cabinets. I might have just made this beauty on Friday night rather than writing a few reports. See the magnetic hooks it is hanging from?

I can't wait to read even more home hacks. Don't forget to head back over to Doyle Speech Works. How do you use hooks?  I'm sure I will use your hack!


  1. I am so glad you hooked up ( I will refrain from a "hooker" pun)! You really are very clever! I love the s-hooks on the chalk ledge idea.

  2. Hooks...who doesn't love 'em? :D
    I bought some hooks that fit perfectly over a bar in my broom closet; it has 3 hooks on it (I can't remember what the hooks are originally for!). It's perfect for holding my brooms, swiffer, and Bona sweeper!

  3. This whole post just excited my organization loving self. I love all your hooks. Smart.


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