Summer SLP Organization: SLP Planner {and a Giveaway}!

I do love to organize and finding the time during the busy school year is often challenging.  In order to prepare for the school year, I am tackling a few projects this summer that will assist in making a smooth transition back to speech in late summer.

First off, I have my planner all prepped and ready. I have owned a Mead Five Star flexible binder for about three years.  {Here is an Amazon Link; however, there is no affiliation.}  It has held up exceptionally well as it goes with me everywhere, everyday!

The planner I created last year helped to keep everything "school-based SLP related" in this handy binder.  I just gave it a quick facelift and updated the calendar to have it ready in my TPT store. While it may just be fabulous if you would stop over and make a purchase {it is 50% today ONLY}; this post is designed to help the summer SLP get a jump start on organization.

SLP Planner 2016-2017

I've discovered over the years that I am the type of person that must have everything with me at all times.  For that reason, my binder is set up to include  the following must have items:

  • My therapy schedule!  While this is a work in progress ALL. THE. TIME. I still make sure a copy is kept in my binder.
  • A paper calendar with large enough boxes for writing in many school appointments and reminders. I prefer the calendar with half on each side of the binder/book.
  • The school year calendar to note dates for grading periods and vacation days.
  • Building schedules for specials/encore classes and lunch/recess times for each grade level. There are many times when you need to find a student or check availability of a teacher.
  • My caseload list. I prefer mine with boxes for documenting dates each quarter.  I write in the annual review and triennial evaluation dates per quarter and also use this for marking when interims and progress reports are complete for each student.
  • Workload documents are necessary for keeping track of the multitude of tasks required.  I keep a testing log (which includes all types of evaluations completed throughout the year), a screening/monitoring log, and an RtI/Speech Club list.
  • My lesson plans have a main focus/theme for each week/month of the year just to help me coral ideas and materials.  From there I jot down those materials weekly to use when creating my individual plans. Since I continue to add more push-in classroom services, I also keep handy a copy of my classroom data sheet.  You can find a free copy here.
  • My To-Do list section includes paper for jotting down notes as well as a weekly planning checklist.  I have adapted one from a dear friend and fellow blogger {Doyle Speech Works}. It includes every weekly task on one page and space for writing in/checking off for completion. You don't want to be without lesson plans, data sheets, or a report for a meeting. 
  • A copy of any pertinent special education memos and speech meeting minutes are included as obtained.
  • Finally, I keep a log for my CEUs, favorite IEP goal banks {like this one}, and this Standards Alignment: Common Core Standards grid from SLP Toolkit.
Now that my planning binder is prepped for next year, I will admire its cuteness first and tuck it away in my school bag until then.  What items are necessary in your SLP planning binder? Comment below for a chance to win a copy of my SLP Planner.  One winner will be chosen.


  1. I like to have a copy of my students goals

  2. I like to place the school calendar in it so that I know when the half days etc. are coming up.


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