Speechie Stop: Interactive Quick Drill Speech Sound Practice FREEBIE

My kids (and husband) are hooked on Pokemon Go. I know nothing about the game and I never figured out the trading cards either. Here is what I learned through some research.  Pokemon Go is a game app for your phone where players catch and train special creatures called Pokemon. Additionally, Poke Stops, actual physical locations that players can grab items, are part of this phenomenon. My kids have been taking long walks without being asked to exercise as they attempt to catch these creatures and collect items. I've even been given a device to hold while grocery shopping in order to hatch an egg.

{Just so you know, I am not affiliated with Pokemon Go!}

As SLPs we are always trying to motivate our students.  I'm combining a highly motivating trend, logging some walking steps, and straight up articulation drill practice with this Speechie Stop idea (it's FREE in my TpT Store).

Using devices with QR code readers, I've created Speechie Stops to hang around my speech room and school where students will use word lists, speech sound card decks, or quick drill worksheets for interactive articulation practice.  Following practice, the student can click on a reward QR code for added reinforcement and I'll convert to our building wide incentive system (Bulldog Bucks).

Here's a snapshot of the product description to show you how it works:

Suggested Prep:
To create your Speechie Stop locations, print pages 3-10 and place in sheet protectors (or laminate).

The following is NOT included (however, likely in your bag of SLP materials) and is suggested to utilize your Speechie Stops.
Make copies (one set for each location or one set for students to carry on their journey) of your favorite speech sound word (and/or sentence) lists for sounds you wish to target at each stop.

FREEBIE TIP:  You may want to check out Speech Therapy Fun with Jennifer Bradley on TpT and download her FREEBIE Articulation Word Lists for 15 sounds! 

As an alternate, students can even carry a deck of your chosen speech sound cards or any drill sheet. Either connect your copied sound lists to each location sheet and attach to the wall at each spot by using rings within the sheet protectors or just hang the location sign (library, cafeteria, etc.). I plan to attach each location sign to a wall around the school using either a push-pin on a tack strip or with removable or magnetic hooks.  As an alternate, if using the whole school is not desired, hang location signs within your speech room. I am electing to send my students with one packet of word lists on their journey.

To create your location book, cut each of the cards on pages 11-13.  Laminate each and punch a hole in the top corner and place all cards on a ring, if desired. I plan to place the Speechie Stop card at the beginning, with the target sound/skill card second (filled out using a permanent marker-erasable on lamination with a magic-type eraser), and the Speechie Go card third to remind students to scan the Speechie Go reward after each quick drill practice.  Selected location QR code cards are placed following, with the Stop and Go icon card at the end telling the student to return where he/she started. If your cards are on a ring, you can shuffle the location cards each time your students play.
To start the game, your students each need a device with a QR code reader (download for free from an app store) and the included ring of location cards. Make sure to indicate the target sound and skill/level on the designated card (make multiple copies of the target skill card if more than one student will be participating). It is suggested that you accompany your student(s) on at least their first hunt to make sure each understands how to use the QR code reader/device and practice as suggested. Students will be instructed to take a screen shot picture of the reward earned. The SLP will be able to look at the photos and tally points earned. It is up to the SLP to determine how these reward points are used.  I plan to exchange points for our school-wide cash system. As an alternate idea, students may return to the starting location after a certain amount of reward points are earned.

Although I might not be completely prepped for school to start on Monday, I am pretty sure this interactive activity will be highly motivating for my speech sound students! 

Update: This product has been temporarily placed as inactive in my store.  The QR codes with images are no longer active as I was sad to learn I needed to keep up a subscription.  I will look to replace the QR codes with text only.

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