Summer SLP Organization: Workload Forms and Handouts

Is this really only the second post I've crafted for Summer SLP Organization? This week starts back to school and I have no idea where the time has gone. I had so many projects I worked on and wanted to share. There is always next summer!

Today I'm sharing some tips on how I organize my workload forms and go-to handouts. These are items I utilize frequently. I use 8-pocket folders similar to these these (no affiliation). I keep a copy of the original with a sticky note or flag attached so I remember it is an original and tuck copies in front of the original. (There are times when I also throw copies on clipboards that are housed right on my desk for grab and go!)

Within the handouts folder, I keep a variety of teacher and parent friendly handouts.

Above is a freebie I created to hand out to teachers this year, Speech and Language Therapy in the Schools A Guide for Teachers.

I often use FREE Handy Handouts from Super Duper, Inc. If you have never used these, click on the link right now! So many handouts!

Here are other very useful freebies from some of my SLP blogger and TpT seller friends.

Learn About Speech-Language Pathologists in Schools by Twin Speech, Language and Literacy

Handout for Parents and Caregivers on How to Help with Articulation by Twin Speech, Language and Literacy

Autism:  Inclusion Tips for Classroom Teachers by Speech Sprouts

Talking Rules Poster-Supporting Students with Communication Disorders by Speech Sprouts

Teacher Handout (Speech Therapy Reference and Red Flags) by Panda Speech

Within the workload folder, I keep many of my FREEBIE SLP Workload Forms.

Above is a copy of my blank weekly lesson plan (available within my SLP Planner) which I create from my completed Materials Lists. You can also check out my freebie lesson plan/data sheets and RtI data collection forms.

When conducting evaluations, I use this evaluation form to help document my observational assessment. If I am reviewing student records, I use this review of records form.

When pushing into classrooms, I use these Push-In to Classroom Data Collection forms.

If you tend to hoard workload forms like I do, you may want to also check out these awesome freebies!

A Peek Into My Speech Session by Speech Wonderland

Articulation in Conversation Data Sheet by Gold Country SLP

Watch My Speech and Language Grow by Mia McDaniel

My Summer SLP Organization is officially over as Monday morning starts back to school. I'm glad these forms are ready to go! How do you organize your go-to handouts and workload forms?

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