Sparklle SLP Year in Review 2016

Today, I am reflecting on the highlights of 2016.

I kicked off 2016 with my 40th birthday and the verdict is still out if indeed my 40s will be the best years of my life. I believe I slowed down a bit this year. I'm still pondering this effect.

While I created many posts this year that are still in the draft queue, during 2016, I was honored to have guest posted at Speech PeepsTeach Speech 365 and Doyle Speech Works. It has truly been a great year for meeting new SLPs across the country! I attended the Teachers Pay Teachers conference in July and stepped even more out of my comfort zone, meeting many lovely SLPs in real life. I still smile when I think about the memories and friendships I created during that short time.

My TPT store continued to grow with products that I use regularly in my speech room. This hobby of making products while time consuming is very rewarding for me. I also joined in on a collaborative blog hop with some new SLP friends and kept up my participation with The Frenzied SLPs. Such a wonderful and inspirational group of SLPs, many of which I call my very dear friends!

To round out 2016, my blog got a professional makeover!! Avatars are amazing! Wrinkle free, grey removed salon ready hair, and a slimmed down physique are benefits I wasn't expecting upon revealing myself. Hahaha! The shoutout goes to A Little Peace of Africa for her design style and blog expertise.

Above all in 2016, I continued to learn how to juggle a school-based SLP career, involved speechie hobby, and raising 3 school-age children. I have no intention to stop blogging or creating for TPT in 2017; however, I'm okay with pursuing other hobbies and maybe some new adventures while keeping it all in perspective!

Here's to 2017!

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