Literacy Resolution {and a freebie!}

As we make our resolutions for 2017, I am adding a literacy resolution to the list. You might know I absolutely love bringing literature books into my therapy sessions. This practice likely accounts for more than 50% of my therapy plans. I can target just about any goal using a literature book and really stretch its content from kindergarten through grade 3 and sometimes beyond (although, I often use curriculum texts for grades 4 and 5). Today, I'm focusing my literacy resolution on my phonological kindergarteners.

Since sight word reading is such a huge part of the kindergarten curriculum, why not make a resolution to include sight word practice within my therapy sessions? I have quite a few students receiving therapy for phonological disorders within my kindergarten population.  I love working with these patterned errors and highly motivated littles. The progress they make is truly remarkable!

I'm impatient!  {Yep, it's officially in print.} I find drill at the isolation, syllable, and even word level pretty monotonous. I often move past these levels quickly. It may even help generalization occur quicker. In fact, just before break, I was talking with a kindergarten teacher about a student I recently re-screened. All of sudden, she asked if she could hug me. Well, I agreed, and she proceeded to tell me she was thanking me for the progress one of her unintelligible students has made. I picked up this student week one of school when we knew she needed my help:) Cycles, minimal pairs, carrier phrases, and reinforcement have been my go-to tools with lots of repetitions!

I made this carrier phrases in action DIY some time back and I use it ALL THE TIME!  My students always grab a phrase on their way to the table now! In fact, if I don't plan to use phrases, they take one anyway!

This year, I'm resolving to use sight word practice within my phonological therapy regularly, if not every session. I've updated an old go-to Carrier Phrases product to help you add this resolution to your literacy list as well {it's pictured to the left of my DIY above}.

The freebie comes with a variety of carrier phrases and images to help those little readers. There are also additional cards to manipulate the sentence for your needs.

Just pair with your favorite stack of articulation cards or write words right on the strip. I laminated all of mine and placed them in a handy zippered pouch.

What are your literacy resolutions for 2017?

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  1. Love, love, love the carrier phrases freebie! I was just hoping to put together something like this for my students but now I don't have to! You've saved me so much time :D


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