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I'm not sure I know an SLP without a clipboard. I don't leave my home or therapy room without mine. For the past, almost 20 years, my SLP clipboard has always kept the same very important documents. 

#1 The school master schedule: This prized possession lives on my clipboard from day one through the end of each school year. I reference it all the time when trying to track down students and make scheduling tweaks.

#2 My therapy schedule:  In my early years, the schedule was stuck to the back for easy reference. Once I started using my schedule to take attendance (to simplify that system) I began copying one weekly. Since no SLP ever has kept the same schedule all year, I now update my schedule weekly, using Google Sheets, and print a new copy each Friday for the next week. I slap that schedule right on my clipboard.

#3 My weekly planning checklist: Early on, the "checklist" was a yellow legal pad with a continuous to-do list. The "checklist" is now a very detailed electronically fillable form with spaces for every SLP workload task. Since I went completely digital with my calendar last year, I felt lost without my planner. Now, each Friday I check my digital calendar and fill-in my weekly planning checklist. It then gets attached to my clipboard. (My fillable checklist is included in my SLP Planner product.)

Along with my weekly therapy schedules, I keep the planning checklists attached for the quarter and then I staple the entire lot together and file it away. Each quarter, I have a lighter load on my clipboard! 

I know you have an SLP clipboard. What must you carry around on yours?

2017 is in the books and this SLP has a few noteworthy remarks in which to reflect.

While my blog received a makeover in late 2016, I have yet to update my about page or series page. Maybe those are goals for 2017! Writing posts in a series is also a good idea.

My 2017 Literacy Resolution is still going strong. My kindergarten phonological kids are showing off their sight word reading while practicing their target patterns.

I continue to be a part of The Frenzied SLPs and in true frenzied fashion, we are often too busy to share our ideas. That doesn't mean you should give up on us. Keep liking and commenting and you never know what you will spark!

I've had the privilege to team up with some dear SLP friends to bring you collaborative blog hops. Spoiler alert. You may want to check back around February. Frankie may be making another appearance.

I shared here about my summer adventure. This SLP community is no joke my friends. My virtual friends are now my in real life friends and I just look forward to seeing them each time I can! I'm already looking to summer 2018 for more time together!

My TPT hobby continues to allow me to create and share materials with you. I am so grateful for any support you have given me, through reading my blog, downloading freebies, or purchasing one of my products.  This creative outlet turned small business is quite rewarding in so many ways! Thank you TPT and followers!

My school SLP job threw me a challenge I was not completely willing to accept. 100% push-in to classrooms was the initiative and my comfort level was possibly somewhere between zero entry and 2-3 feet deep. Full submersion was the directive and my defenses were up and positivity drained. I'm in a much better place right now and I will share when I feel like I've lived it long enough to reflect and share my experience in a positively, constructive way.

Personally, my family keeps me busy from morning until night. My three children attend three different schools in three different cities and their extra curricular activities blow up my calendar and drain my energy (and bank account). I'm so lucky to have a career that not only provides great joy, but also supports their dreams. I couldn't ask for more. I guess I learned from the best, my mom. Having spent 30 years a teacher and now generously sharing with us during her semi-retirement she gifted my family a Christmas vacation. Sunshine, ocean and excursions top the list of year ending activities!

Finally, my thoughtful and uber-creative friend, SLP Talk with Desiree, choose words for her fellow SLPs to focus for 2018. My word:  ENOUGH! From the list before me, I do believe she has special powers. My life has enough to keep me fulfilled and for that I am genuinely humbled. Thank you 2017 and I look forward to 2018!

My ability to organize anything these days is hindered by the constant chaos going on around me. No complaints. My life is full! I just must work harder to use simplified systems that work and stick with them. There is no time to reinvent the organization, even though my less chaotic self enjoyed creating new organization systems.

Today, I'm sharing how I've used sticky notes and paper clips to help organize my speech materials.

Snapshots of Winter Break can be found here courtesy of Aimee VanMiddlesworth.

After copying worksheets, I place the paper clip on the long side of the page rather than the short side. This works for me because the worksheets can easily be placed in file folders to store in a cabinet or bin allowing me to tell where one set ends and another begins without pulling out the whole file. When I see the long side paperclip, I also know it is not an original, so I can use it even it is the last one!

Articulation Sort can be found here, which is part of my Articulation Picture Cards.

I use sticky notes to indicate an original and I attach the paper clip, if there is a set, to the short side. This reminds me not to use the original when I'm rushing around. Often I will also use the sticky note to write the number of copies needed and/or the date/year used in case I don't want to use the worksheet two years in a row.

What are your simplified SLP organization systems that help you overcome the chaos?

I'm just stopping by to share some fun, new and FREE resources for your speech room. First off, here is a freebie set of reinforcement craftivity worksheets to pair with articulation, language or any target skill. This is perfect for keeping those little hands busy while others are taking turns. Use cut up squares, circles (from a scrapbooking punch), or bingo stampers. Students can earn a set number of items to fill their ornament after each round of drill practice.

If you haven't yet found the #slpchristmashop on Teachers Pay Teachers, head right over to The Pedi Speechie where all the FREE resources are showcased. Check out my reinforcement and story & song visuals HERE, too.

I blinked and September vanished. It was an extremely busy month with my family and I have been navigating my way through 100% classroom push-in K-5. In time, I will share the highs and lows. For now, I'm excited to share that I have again teamed with some fabulous SLPs to bring you a collaborative SLP Halloween Hop!

You can check out The Pedi Speechie to gather the links to all the resources! My contribution includes Smash Strips, Story & Song Visuals, and Sentence Strips. Check out my freebie here

Thanks for hopping by!
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