Sunday, September 25, 2016

Home Practice for Articulation Intervention: A Product Review & Giveaway!

Are you in need of a home practice program for articulation intervention for later developing sounds? 

I created Articulation Fluency (automaticity) for Speech Sound Practice and while I do use it with students that receive speech therapy services as part of their IEP, I am also using this program for my speech club intervention students.  Teachers and parents are very well aware of the role that we SLPs play in correcting speech sound errors and so the referrals come frequently. Not all speech sound errors provide adverse effect (controversial topic for another time). As an SLP in the schools, I must focus my efforts with students whose speech AND language deficits adversely affect their educational performance. 

In order to continue to be a team player and offer my expertise, I will be sending home my 12-week program for students that may exhibit articulation errors and whose parent and/or teacher requested help. I obtain parent buy-in, then review the program with the student and send it home. This program is not meant to replace services provided by a speech-language pathologist, rather offer parents a starting point with which to understand the presenting sound error and begin to help their child become aware. Children that are stimulable for correct production may find success using a home program. I also make parents aware of differences between school-based and private speech therapy services.

Currently, I have created programs for /s, l, r, th/ as well as /sh, ch/.  The first four targets are sold separately, as well as in a money saving bundle. The latter targets /sh, ch/ are sold together; however, not in the bundle currently. They have not received the aesthetic update. The content is still the same though!

I'm deep into changing my mindset from an SLP that will "save every student from speech sound errors" to one that will work within my scope of practice within the schools to more effectively meet the needs of the students with significant speech AND language deficits. This small offering of a home articulation program for speech club intervention students will hope to continue to support without taking away from those that require intensive therapy.

I'm so curious to know how you support articulation intervention students within your school district. Is it through direct service, consult with teachers or parents, home programs, or some other way? I would love to give away one copy of Articulation Fluency Speech Sound Practice Bundle for /s, l, r, th/. I will choose one winner from comments below. Please remember to include your email.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Carrier Phrases in Action

I am sure I created this when I had way too much paperwork to complete; however, instead I decided to clean and reorganize my speech room. Cleaning and reorganizing led me to find this fabulous mini pocket chart that surely I bought while at Target when I was supposed to be shopping for items for my home. This is starting to sound like...If you give an SLP any item, she is bound to turn it into a therapy tool.

Here you have it, my carrier phrases in action creation.

This would be a great center activity to work on articulation sounds at the phrase/sentence level while also adding in a little sight word practice as well as defining and describing.

So, the next time you find yourself distracted at your favorite store and see a mini pocket chart, quickly ignore your list and grab this gem. Write some phrases, grab some articulation cards and you have yourself a very useful therapy activity!