Spring into...

I'm not so sure spring has decided to enter Ohio, but regardless, I'm thinking spring!  I've been wearing my Toms {love those shoes} and even wore my sunglasses last week {I only got a few weird stares}.  Planning for therapy has been happening, well, just as the students are walking into the speech room, with every spare minute reserved for testing, writing evaluations and IEPs.  So, just when I was ready to throw in the towel for lesson planning entirely, I did a quick TpT search for spring speech and well, here you go!  Thanks to all these wonderful sellers for offering freebies. Luckily my Amazon order of new laminate just arrived on my door step.

Spring /k/
Spring /l/
Rainy Day /r/
Garden /f/
Garden Artic

Spring Compare and Contrast
Spring Functions
Raining Antonyms
Spring Multiple Meanings
Rain Cloud Categories
Spring Attributes
Flower Functions
Flower Categories
Spring Categories
Spring Categories

Following Directions
Spring Garden Following Directions
Spring Showers Following Directions
Spring Following Directions
Flying to Spring Following Directions
Spring Basic Concepts
Spring Flowers Following Directions

'Wh' questions and inferences
Spring and Summer Inferences
Spring WH Questions
Spring WH Questions
Spring WH Questions
April Showers WH Questions

Higher Level
Raining Idioms
Spring Idioms
Spring Absurdities

April Showers Irregular Plurals
Spring 3rd Person Singular
Flower Petal Conjunctions

Spring Game Boards

Open Ended
Outdoor Speech

Whether the weather is cooperating or not, Spring is officially here!  Happy spring to all!


  1. Glad to know you love your Tom's! I told you so!! Glad I could help you add one more addiction to your list. You are welcome. :)

    1. Yes, I can thank you for many FASHION addictions! Love every one!


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