Essential Visuals in Speech Therapy: Using Carrier Phrases - Sentence Starters

Do you use carrier phrases in speech therapy? I do. ALL. THE. TIME.

Sentence starters help to increase mean length of utterance. Students feel success knowing they can read many of the words in the phrases, even if they are non- readers, the repetition of the phrases quickly makes them readers! They often want to self select a carrier phrase strip to use yielding engagement in the activity.

I use my handy ring of carrier phrases/sentence starters with almost any activity I’m using in therapy. These are especially present in my kindergarten and 1st grade sessions within the classroom. 
  • Pair with a story read aloud for targeting grammatical structures (He has... They are...), labeling (I see... I found...) and categorizing and describing ( (a type of)... (attributes)... A...can (function)...).
  • Pair with articulation cards to move to the phrase and sentence level during therapy. I don’t often wait to use my carrier phrases. Once a target can be used correctly at the word level, we are quickly trying a carrier phrase!
  • Pair with vocabulary cards for labeling (I have... It is...) or describing ( (attributes)...).
  • Pair with mini objects for labeling (I found... I see...) or describing (using the interactive pieces).
  • Use during group conversations to aid communication attempts (I like... He is... I want... Can I...)
Don’t miss out on downloading this free resource to aid in expanding student utterances! 

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  1. Thank you for this free d resource! I am having a hard time putting each phrase in a certain category. Could you please elaborate on which phrases go with which tab? Thanks!


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