SLPs Pushing In Series: A little research goes a long way!

I introduced my SLPs Pushing In Series here.  While this post could be extensive, opinionated, and tangential, the primary goal is to provide a definition along with some research links for inquiring minds.

ASHA provides this information on School-Based Service Delivery.  The link indicates a process for moving toward change, with the goal of a more collaborative service delivery model, while also identifying an overview of the various service delivery models.

So, what is push-in therapy?  Well, essentially, it is the opposite of pull-out therapy, traditionally what most think of when they view speech language therapy.  One therapist within an individual or group setting in a separate room.  The push-in model is providing therapy within the classroom.  While push-in is not a new concept, this article from the ASHA Leader, identifies challenges and the slow progression of push-in as a service delivery option.

Other terms, although not completely synonymous, include co-teach and inclusion.  Regardless of the semantics involved, integrating speech language therapy services into the classroom is a topic of relevance for a school-based therapist.

Are you currently researching this service delivery option?  What evidence have you found?

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