SLPs Pushing In Series: Check this out!

When the challenge of push-in knocked me in the face again {there's that pendulum} after I pushed it mostly back out, I did what most SLPs do.  I consulted the experts.  It's called social networking these days. I sent out some e-mails and did a direct post on Instagram.  Grateful me and lucky for anyone reading, I received some positive responses!  For starters, Mia's guest post, from Putting Words in your Mouth, reminded us not to resist change, as the results can be wonderful!

Another positive face in the push-in arena is Nicole Allison from Allison's Speech Peeps.  I wanted to make sure you had a chance to check out her article, Three Easy Ways to Collaborate with Teachers.  Her post was featured here on ASHAsphere.  Thanks for sharing Nicole.  My glass is filling up!  Why?  Nicole reminds us to keep everything in perspective.  Don't let the plate overflow.  She says to make a goal for ONE idea each year moving toward collaboration.  Go ahead, read it!  I'll wait!

Check back tomorrow to see how I'm planning to move forward and see if any other bloggers will add even more practical encouragement!

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