SLPs Pushing In Series: LINK IT UP!

My SLPs Pushing In Series is rounding third and heading home hoping to bring in a win for the new school year.  You can start here, move here, here, here, and don't forget here!  Now it's time for a LINK UP.  How do you push-in to classrooms?  I'll start with my goals for the new school year!

Here's what I have planned {baby steps as I am taking on a new elementary school after leaving one that had me at hello 14 years ago}.

In looking at my caseload list, all of my students are in general education classrooms for this coming year.  About half of my students are speech only, where I am their primary service provider.  Some of my related service students are in full co-teach classrooms where the regular education teacher and intervention specialist team it up all day, while others are in partial co-teach classrooms, as the "push" is for push-in, with some academic instruction provided outside of the general education classroom.

I just might make friends with the intervention specialists ASAP and ask them where they view speech and language therapy pushing into the classrooms they service.  Then, I can branch out to the regular education teachers in those classrooms.  Just maybe I can get my foot in the door, literally!

I will definitely reach out to kindergarten and 1st grade teachers to inquire about small group instruction {Daily 5 or center-based instruction} and offer to be included with caseload students and at-risk students should our schedules coincide.

And most definitely, I'll be realistic.  I am a new team member in this building.  I have to balance my clinical confidence {that may not come along for the ride} and ability to lay just slightly under the radar as the New Kid on the Block in order to establish rapport with a LARGE, NEW staff.

I think I am going to read this article on classroom-based narrative and vocabulary instruction.
Not to mention attempt to gain this working as a team perspective through professional learning communities.

Here's your chance {and please link up, I may even bust out a herke and cartwheel if you do}!  Just add the SLPs Pushing In graphic to a new post and add your link below {sorry no pictures, I am new at this}.  Please, whether you have some ideas on how you might start pushing in, do a little dabbling here and there, or are a veteran like Mia, I'd love to hear from you!

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