The Frenzied SLPs: FUN Fall-Themed Articulation Ideas

The Frenzied SLPs are falling into FUN Fall-Themed Articulation ideas this week!  You can read my ideas and then make sure to check out all the link ups below!

I do love fall. The colors. The cool weather. Football is quite exciting and makes a good excuse to sit on the couch. Pumpkin-everything isn't too shabby either!  Check out these cute little guys on my mantle.  

But you didn't come to read about my love of fall.  Moving along to the FUN Fall-Themed Articulation ideas. 

For starters, what is more fun than play dough?  Pumpkin-spiced play dough paired with some smashing good fun. I found this yummy play dough recipe when Pinterest hopping.  Although orange play dough will also work just fine too.  Until I finish tweaking my fall-themed smash strips, you can download this FREEBIE for some smashing fun in your speech room.  Roll 5 little balls of play dough, grab some articulation cards and pair with a smash strip.  Your plans are complete! 

I also LOVE books in therapy!  Have I mentioned this before?  Maybe a few times.  While many language targets can be addressed when bringing books in the therapy room, articulation targets are just as plentiful!  This month we will be reading Big Pumpkin by Erika Silverman.  This book targets /k/ in a tricky position 'pumpkin' as well as /v/ for 'vampire' and 'vine', among others!

During my read aloud, I focus on auditory awareness of target sounds by first identifying the sound for each student prior to listening. Each time a target sound is heard, I ask the students to point out the word that was heard. The more sound targets within a book, the more opportunity for auditory bombardment. I love when students work together to hear all the target sounds. Have you noticed that SLPs read books very different from parents and classroom teachers?  Yes I do 'over the top' exaggerate target speech sounds when I read!  Doesn't everyone?!

Following my read aloud, I use the articulation word lists from my book companion.  I usually have students write words on a home practice page while we do some drill work.  This is my routine for 1st and 2nd graders.  For my 3rd graders who still love books in therapy, they take turns reading aloud to practice target sounds.  

Next up, barrier activities.  My kindergarten students LOVE barrier activities.  They each get a scene and some cut-out pictures. Barrier activities are fabulous for expressive and receptive language development, but also for 100 word articulation samples.  We are nearing the end of the grading period at my school, so bringing out my Fall Barrier Activity and Craftivity will be perfect for collecting some new baseline.

When I worked in preschool running phonology groups, we did a snip and stick activity every single session.  Say your target word as you snip (10 pictures), say your target word as you stick, and say your target word as you stamp (with bingo daubers).  That's 30 practices during a quick 10-minute center activity with preschoolers!  If you are not having enough fun just yet, why not add a craftivity? We are making paper plate pumpkins (my materials are all prepped below).  For craftivities, I keep cut-out target sound pictures in plastic soap tubs for adding target sounds to our creations.

Rounding out my FUN Fall-Themed Articulation Ideas is my all time favorite reinforcement activity. Spooky Tree Reinforcement is a FREEBIE in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.  It's a roll and collect activity to pair with any target skill drill session.

I just love The Frenzied SLPs!  I am ever so grateful and seriously giddy about writing these posts. Planning therapy is something I look forward to and I can't wait to read all the other FUN Fall-Themed Articulation Ideas.  Check out all the link ups below, starting with Doyle Speech Works!


  1. I LOVE your ideas. Your passion for what you do comes through in every product and every post! You simply sparklle!

  2. Annie, I owe you more than you know! Thanks for always commenting with such positivity. I can't wait to read all the posts later today!

  3. I love books too! I will be checking out Big Pumpkin. My preschoolers would love all your ideas Thanks!

  4. Your mantel is beautiful- makes me want a warm fire and trick-or-treat candy! And your speech room activities look like so much fun.

  5. What wonderful ideas! And thanks for the smash strips - I'm using play doh tomorrow and will have to download those!
    All Y’all Need

  6. I've never done a barrier activity like that with my students... that looks tempting! I like it!

  7. I love barrier activities and I missed the freebie you highlighted, so I'm off to check them out! Thanks so much for the great information!

  8. Smash Strips have been downloaded! My kids are going to love it!

  9. Love, love, love the snip and stick idea!!

  10. I agree, SLPs read books "differently" :D Love your activity ideas! I hadn't seen your Spooky Tree feebie before. Thanks for sharing! Also, I adore those metallic pumpkins! Did you make them yourself?

    Schoolhouse Talk

  11. Oh, I love those pumpkins! Someone went to Target!!! And Annie Doyle is right! (I think I am the only non slp related comment here, haha!) Catch up soon!!!!! :)


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