Organization Tips for SLPs: A Frenzied SLP Linky Party

Let's just start by saying I love to organize!  The bug hits me often.  Too often at the wrong times. Like when I have a list of evaluations, I may reorganize my entire speech room or tweak a form to make it more visually appealing.  At home when I'm wondering what to make for dinner I start organizing the pantry.  No big deal, right?!  Actually, I'm not convinced that I'm very good at organizing.  Why else would I keep reorganizing everything?  Nonetheless, I do have some an excessive amount of tips for SLP organization.  Yes, I know it says 3, so I apologize already.

This linky party is brought to you by The Frenzied SLPs and hosted by Speech 2U, Speech Sprouts, and Old School Speech!  Make sure to check out all the link ups below for an abundance of organizational tips for SLPs!

Herein lies my short list.  First, my disclaimer.
I was not organized enough to have snapped pictures in time for the linky, so I may add some to this post after it publishes.  I snagged what I could from my camera roll. Maybe someone else will have blogger organizing tips:)

Group Folders for Therapy
I've tried a big binder (or two) and group folders over the years and I always go back to the folders. These 3-prong plastic purple folders have been around for about 5 years and are holding up pretty well.  I keep data/lesson plan sheets on the left side, the IEP at a glance in the rings, and any homework or group worksheets on the right side.  I can also clip visuals specific to a student to the pocket.  Each groups gets a number, which is written right on my schedule.  It makes it super easy to grab the correct materials for data collection and therapy for each group.  I store the folders in some sort of file storage bin.  This is my current set up.

Bins/Baskets for Materials
I use white dish tubs or dollar store baskets for corralling materials.  I use these within my cabinets to store like binders/books or therapy materials.  I also use them for day to day grab and go either for push-in or special groups.


Zippered Bags or Laminated Brown Kraft Clasp Envelopes for Created Materials
I was a tried-and-true brown kraft clasp envelope user until our school stopped supplying them and our laminator broke (years ago).  Since then, I have converted to using gallon size zippered bags.  I like that you can see through them sometimes, but I do miss my brown envelopes.

Magnetic Hooks, S-Hooks, and Metal Rings
Besides laminate and clear page protectors, my Amazon cart often contains magnetic hooks, S-hooks, and metal rings.  From hanging materials stored in clear page protectors to hanging buckets and clipboards to using metal rings for my created therapy cards these staples are a must for an organized SLP!

Workload Forms
I love creating handy checklists and sheets for workload responsibilities.  Many of these are FREEBIES in my TPT Store.  Just search "workload forms" in the search bar when in my store.

I'll stop now because I need to write 2 evaluations yet tonight!  I seriously cannot wait to read all the other posts.  It will undoubtedly send me into a frenzied state of reorganizing using all my new tips. This will make my organizing heart happy and consequently my TO DO list longer.  Bring it on!  What is your favorite SLP organizing tip?

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