Stepping Out Beyond Our Four Walls: Check Out My Guest Post!

I have this relationship with iMovie and prior to that Movie Maker which started when I began creating videos during my 10 years of coaching high school cheerleading. I would compile video and images from each year and create end of the year capsule video slideshows for the banquet.  Likely it was much easier for me to showcase the season through a video wherein pressing play was all the public speaking I had to stomach. While I am an SLP, I am not fond of talking in front of large groups of people, especially those I don't know.

So this relationship expanded into creating elementary school videos for school board presentations and end of the year celebrations.  This brings me to an avenue that has allowed me to step out beyond the four walls of my speech room and become a part of the school community. At my new school, I have taken over creation of the 5th grade graduation video. Holiday parties and school-wide events usually allow the SLP time time for completing our mountainous workload. While I should be using this time wisely, I prefer to step out beyond my four walls and take pictures and video of the events. These captured moments are then converted into the graduation video. I cannot tell you how it makes my heart so incredibly happy to hear the cheers and giggles during the video presentation on the last day of school.

So, today I am thrilled to be guest posting over at Speech Peeps! Nicole Allison is as sweet and talented as they come! I am sharing how I have managed to step out beyond the four walls of my speech room. You may even notice a little spring in my writing step as I received some editing help from my dear friend Annie of Doyle Speech Works. This online SLP community is truly one of a kind!

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