Speech and Language Lesson Plans for November

Monday and Halloween should not go together my school-based SLP friends, am I right?! It might not help that my hometown team is in the World Series and well we need a win tonight. Sleepy, sugar comatosed SLP here bringing you my plans for the month.

Yes, they are blank currently. Don't fret, I've pulled lots of materials for the month of November. With school conferences, no school on voting day and a short month, I can do this!

First up, quick drill reinforcement for my upper elementary articulation students. Toss Up and dry erase markers.  My no prep therapy plan for these students is often to write words with their sounds right on the table as the words are said.  This really helps with carryover as usually they are catching words if I miss them.  I sort beginning, middle, and end as well as those pesky vocalic /r/s. Believe it or not, my students appear motivated by this task. They might be equally motivated trying to beat me as I was undefeated yesterday! 

Election is a hot theme right now!  We will be using All Y'All Need's Election Day 2106 freebie to work on our election vocabulary.

My older students will learn about honoring our heroes with this freebie from A Perfect Blend.

My freebie sample quick prep book companion to go along with My Teacher for President will also make an appearance! 

Whatever your political decision, we all can probably think of a teacher that would make a great president!

I'm doing a little Duck for President this week too with my book companion.

I push into my 1st and 2nd grade classrooms and have joined in on their novel studies. They are also working in the book Grace for President. The teachers are setting up polling stations and I created a Google Form for their students to vote.

I'm voting for the traditional Oreo! How about you?

My month will move right into being thankful, which may involve some turkeys and a parade!  I'll try to update this post or add plans for the latter part of the month. I have something new in the works!

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