Essential Visuals for Speech Therapy: Using Visuals to Support Skill Development

For years I collected or created visuals for every speech and language target. I continuously added these supports in sheets protectors and on rings hung around my room. Once I started pushing into classrooms more often, I found myself without these visuals and always wanting to run back to my speech room to find the perfect visual. A goal of mine was to compile all the essential visuals into a uniform and portable format. That endeavor was accomplished some time ago and I’m finally sharing the result. I’m so incredibly glad I finally completed this goal. These visuals are used often and are so helpful to my therapy.

While I keep my own set laminated on a ring, I keep multiple copies in different formats for sharing with students and teachers. My Essential Visual Strips are shown in the images on the ring. I also keep copies reduced in size in a small accordion file for sharing with students. I recently created Essential Visual Signs for teacher use and for displaying on bulletin boards. This product has the same content as the strips.

The visuals include supports for literacy, vocabulary, syntax, articulation, pragmatic language, listening/memory, fluency, behavior and self-monitoring. All images are in black and white for easy printing and tabs/covers are included for organizing. For therapy, I can quickly find the strip needed and pair it with whatever material I’m using.

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  1. I click on the link but it says File Not Found. I'd love to see more with your Essential Visual Strips and Essential Visual Signs.


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