How To Tackle Mixed Groups in Speech Therapy and Progress Monitor

Do you see mixed groups for speech therapy and need some fresh ideas to organize your sessions along with ways to progress monitor using consistent materials? 

My monthly themed packs just might be a resource you could use! I keep mine in a toolbox kit (there is a 
free download in my store for the labels). Each month has two drawers and I can easily pull the drawers to my therapy table or pop in my cart, if I’m traveling. (I keep the reinforcement games in the bottom drawers.)

I use the task cards during mixed group therapy by setting out the monthly reinforcement game activity in a container in the middle of the group with each student taking a turn practicing his/her target skill and then choosing a reinforcement card. One student may be working on verbs, while another works on vocabulary, and a third listening to details. These skills and many more goals are addressed in each monthly pack. If you don't have a mixed group, you can choose one set of cards and add the game cards.

There are also activities within each pack in addition to the task cards. I organize these in a binder. I can use the articulation open-ended worksheets and word lists for quick drill and home practice. The topic talk activity is perfect for social conversations or articulation carryover.

These packets can be stretched out over a month, depending on how many target goals your students have. You might use 4-5 sets of task cards per month to work on target skills within a group. Since this isn’t the only way I plan therapy, I tend to use them one week out of each month or may carry some task cards with me for the month for quick drill when needed.

I find these monthly packets are perfect for progress monitoring each month. While the vocabulary CHANGES with each theme/month to expand language, many of the target skills are CONSTANT. So, if your student is working on pronouns or following directions, for example, you will have the same format each month with varied content. It’s a great way to have consistent data collection on set skills to know what you are measuring.

Tackling mixed groups does not have to be intimidating. Any month is a great month to give these materials a try!

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