Quick Articulation Drill in the Classroom

Do you have students that are stumuable for all speech sounds, just require a model or cue? I’ve started using these bookmarks for quick drill classroom practice to aid automaticity and promote generalization. I’m in classrooms all day long and accustomed to the flow of most rooms. Taking 5 minutes to work with these students using Speech Sound Bookmarks is helping me fit this additional service delivery into my schedule. 

I print on card stock and cut multiple copies, then clip together individualized packs for these quick drill students. I throw them in my therapy bag so they are ready when I’m near that student. I pull out the bookmark or stack and drill with the student for 5 minutes and then leave the bookmark behind for their classroom book box or take home folder. The next week, I switch out the sound, if the student has more than one target, or keep practicing the same targets. A good tip is to make 2 copies of each in case the one you leave behind gets misplaced. In my experience though, the bookmarks have remained part of their classroom!

Will this work for you? Students can create their own speech sound bookmark with words from the curriculum or a favorite book. You can also download these FREE bookmarks for every sound.

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