Wild About Books Wednesday Linky!

I finally made it to a Wild About Books Wednesday Linky! hosted by Speech is Sweet.  I have enjoyed reading these posts and totally have been wanting to jump on this awesome adventure.  

I'd almost bet most of you reading have read Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry Allard?  A classic book and actually one of my all time favorites.  I want to think I am more like Miss Nelson, but Miss Viola Swamp, can she really get results?  Absolutely admirable!  Well, when thinking of my upcoming football theme, I've been totally into book companions, so Miss Nelson Has a Field Day was a perfect choice for a new material.  In this story, a football team that hasn't won a game all year, gains a new coach.  Any guesses who the mysterious coach might be?  

I was drawn to this book, not only for its theme, but also for the generous amount of figurative language included.  Can I tell you how much my 4th and 5th graders have enjoyed the higher level picture books?  I was a bit skeptical, but they are totally into the stories and discovering the vocabulary within.  This just makes my heart go on a series of back handsprings!

Here I present to you my newest book companion!

Contained within the companion, including both color and black and white materials, is a collection of activities targeting articulation (word lists and word cards for elementary age sounds, plus an open ended worksheet), sequencing events, comparing and contrasting, describing vocabulary as well as higher level vocabulary, following 2-step directions (color and black and white versions), 'wh' story comprehension questions, pronouns (color and black and white), figurative language (phrases and definitions on colored cards), a roll and color page, and an open ended football reinforcement activity.

I grabbed a copy of this book in my school library.  Give it a try!  I am sure your students will enjoy the humor.  Talk about the figurative language contained within the book and even draw up a Venn diagram to compare and contrast Coach Armstrong and Miss Viola Swamp.  

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  1. Yay! Thank you for linking up! Football season is one of my favorite times of the year - I definitely need to check out this book! Your companion looks great and I love that you also included no prep materials :)

    1. Thanks for hosting and for the kind comments too! The book is an oldie, but that makes it fun! Hope to link up more!


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