Now that your schedule is's a FREEBIE!

If you read this post, you know that I am feeling good about my schedule.  What I am not feeling so positive about is sticking to my schedule without a little help from my students.  Don't get me wrong, the exercise I get traveling to classrooms to retrieve students every 30 minutes is much needed (and I have been known to wear ankle weights during the winter months to get even better results); however, my new building has a new addition, making it a sprawling one story adventure.  It may take 10 minutes to walk from one end to the other, no joke, thereby wiping out almost an entire short therapy session.

My solution has always been to reward students for coming to speech on time.  With my new Communication Cash system this year, reward already accomplished, now the visual aid to help with memory!  You can find Speech Time Reminder Cards complete with a clock visual for your printing pleasure.  I'm working on printing and completing mine so that I may wear my wedges to school this week and ditch the fast walking flip flops (although I am sad to see summer fade away).

While I did find a couple other speech time reminder cards when I knew I needed these aids, I wanted a visual with a clock.  Should you not need a clock, here are a couple other perfect solutions.

The Dabbling Speechie's speech time reminder cards

Talking with Rebecca's speech passes

And my personal favorite, if I didn't need that clock, Freckled Faced Speechie Space's Minecraft Steve desk reminder!  I'm pretty sure my 4th and 5th graders will get this style anyway!

Hope you can find another way to exercise around your building once your students arrive at your door on time!

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