Wild About Books Wednesday Linky!

You are in for a real treat as I join this week's Wild About Books Wednesday Linky! hosted by Speech is Sweet.  

Recently, I had the opportunity to review Elizabeth Weathersby's Pumpkin Soup Book Companion.  I had not heard of this book, but now I totally cannot wait to grab my very own copy after taking a look at her activities.  Pumpkin Soup is a story by Helen Cooper, depicting the adventures of Cat and Squirrel, who squabble over preparing pumpkin soup, while almost losing Duck's friendship.

Elizabeth's (The Speech Owl) companion addresses Tier 1 (common everyday words, those likely in the top 2000-3000 words used when speaking) and Tier 2 (essential vocabulary for school success) vocabulary, story retell/sequencing, comprehension questions, past tense verbs, singular vs. plural nouns, as well as synonyms and antonyms.  Every page is in black and white for print and go therapy.  Elizabeth includes session materials as well as home practice materials.  There are even reinforcement pages for group therapy cohesiveness!

Adding to Elizabeth's companion, I plan to discuss expected and unexpected behaviors, centering around friendship, along with the feelings associated with those behaviors.  Since many of my groups are mixed speech and language groups, I will target many different speech sounds with words from this book, especially /k/ in pumpkin, cat, and duck...all positions speech friends!

So, if you would like to check out Pumpkin Soup:  A Book Companion for Language, visit The Speech Owl's TPT store.

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EDIT:  In my haste, I completely forgot to include the best part of the post!  The Speech Owl is willing to give away her companion to one lucky responder!  Please comment below if you would like a chance to win.  I will pick one lucky winner!


  1. Yea! Thanks for featuring my book companion! It has been a big hit in therapy over the past week!

  2. Thank you for linking up! I would love to win a copy - this companion looks wonderful! I absolutely love all the print n go options! :)

    1. Scarlett, email me at 1sparklleslp@gmail.com and I'll forward your email to The Speech Owl! You are the winner!

  3. That sounds like a really cute book!

  4. I have been on a book companion kick. I have very few book companions right now and need to build up my resources in this area. This would be a great addition to my October materials!!!

  5. Great book choice and companion! Would love a chance to win it!

  6. Thank you all for commenting! Random number generator picked Scarlett Stamper!


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