No Frills Speech Therapy Ideas

Recently on my favorite social media outlet, Instagram, I posted pictures of #nofrillsspeechtherapy.  Maybe you could say I hit a wall with all the planning, paperwork, sheer numbers of students, conferences, meetings, and the list goes on.  I had to take a step back and realize that something had to give or I was going to crack.  Then I realized that although I love planning individualized lessons with engaging, visual materials, a little no frills speech therapy may be just what this SLP needed.

So, I pulled out every Super Duper Publications tin and named off students that could benefit from a little skill and drill as I set aside each material.  Then, grabbing some chips and dice for reinforcement, I was feeling pretty good about my efficient planning.

My day of no frills speech therapy went off without a glitch.  Students remained engaged, lessons were still individualized, therapy was still intact and my data wasn't half bad either.  So, I kept it up for the entire week and as my mind and body relaxed, my to do lists started shrinking.  No, I am not throwing in the towel on creating new materials and blogging about therapy ideas.  Sometimes you just have to slow down and allow yourself some room to breathe.  A little "less is more" will help to coast down the hill that was once mountain-sized.

Rory's Story Cubes {I own several bags} and Toss Up were used quite a bit together as well.  Never underestimate the value of a story cube for targeting articulation, fluency, and a variety of language skills.  These cubes are perfect for mixed group therapy.  Adding in a few rounds of Toss Up, not only served as reinforcement, but also worked on counting, colors, inclusion and exclusion, comparing numbers, and turn taking.

So, the next time you may be feeling overwhelmed, grab a tried and true material and combine with your therapy skills!  #nofrillsspeechtherapy

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  1. I'm going to follow your lead and go no frills this week! You know, all therapy used to be no frills, I don't know when the norm became "more is more," rather than "less is more." Research is showing the more technologically advanced we become as a society the more unhappy we become. Just because "I can" doesn't mean "I have to," and this week I don't have to!! Thanks, Sparklle!


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