Wild About Books Wednesday! Linky

I'm coming at you with multiple posts in one!  I have been taking some extra time with my family and preparing for the holidays, but it hasn't stopped my mind from firing off post topics.

For starters, I'm linking up with Scarlett over at Speech is Sweet for her Wild About Books Wednesday linky to promote a book companion.

You may know I love Instagram!  Through the IG community I have virtually met so many fabulous SLPs.  Although I've only met one in person thus far, my list of "hope to meet" is growing!  Recently, I had the privilege of winning 2 giveaways!  I received a fabulous package of goodies from the Speech Chicks and I won a book companion from School SLP!  "I'm feeling lucky," is an understatement!  Sanaz and Christine sent me colorful Sharpies {I know, awesome}, a sweet little notebook that I am using to track my time study information {that's a whole other post}, and the Candyland Game Board!  January may just be all about game time in the speech room with this new addition.

Kim, School SLP, sent me a copy of her book companion for This Moose Belongs to Me by Oliver Jeffers.  I had not heard of this book, but of course it went right into my Amazon cart.  After taking a look at her companion, I was already scheming for a grand plan to add it to my therapy themes.  Do I combine it with Moosletoe by Margie Palatini for a holiday theme and the ability to compare two stories about moose {there is a big push right now within our new reading series and assessments to compare stories with similar features}?  Maybe I wait to include it within an animal theme?  Either way I decide, I'm grateful for the opportunity to use this companion.

Kim combined Tier 1 and Tier 2 vocabulary, regular and irregular verbs, multiple meaning words, compare and contrast vocabulary pictures, articulation word cards for /s, z, l, r/ sounds, story comprehension question cards, a game board, roll and cover/color pages, worksheets for writing character feelings, and of course game cards for some reinforcement!  The graphics are super cute!  I'd better get prepping as I wait for my book to arrive.

So, following SLPs can make you a winner too!  My students and I are benefiting greatly from these fabulous SLPs.  SLPs who follow SLPs are pretty fortunate!  If you are in need of some SLPs to follow, head on over to TPT and grab the Gifts of Gab created by Activity Tailor and Speech Room News.  You will find 60 freebies and 60 links to paid products created by talented SLPs!  I am ever so grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in this promotional product.  Although my techie linking skills are amateur, I keep learning something new each day on this adventure.

Don't forget to follow a few SLPs!


  1. Thanks for linking up! I need to check out that book - it looks super cute and the companion is on my wishlist! Also, thank you for your vote! I really appreciate it! :)

  2. Ahh! thanks for the should out :) I was just doing some Mooseltoe activities yesterday and looked at my shelf and was thinking the same thing about combining the two books for some activities! GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE! If you come up with any materials, I would love to buy them!

    1. So glad you saw it! I was meaning to tag you on IG, but I guess it was a good intention only!


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