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I know it's already March, but I didn't want to forget some of the great posts I read in February.

Today, I'm again joining Old School Speech as she hosts a favorite posts linky.  Remember my reason for starting this little blog?  To keep myself organized and have a spot to house all the ideas I come across.  Mary has come up with a way to store, if you will, favorite posts from the month for future reference.  Grand idea to give a boost to the old memory.

For starters, if you have not already joined Bloglovin', I encourage you to sign up and follow your favorite blogs.  I use my time on the elliptical to catch up on my weekly blog reads.  You can follow Sparklle SLP on Bloglovin' by clicking the icon on the right side of my blog.

Here goes my short list of favorite posts from January.

SLP Runner had a DIY post on card holders.  I need to remember to buy an extra pool noodle this summer!  I already have my own store full of duct tape, so I am set there!

All Y'all Need posted a IPA symbols font freebie!  What SLP doesn't love a good IPA font?

Old School Speech's 5 minute day is a must read.  I have been thinking about speech centers for some time now and just needed a kick in the rear.  Now, I just need time to get my materials ready.  This is the perfect solution for keeping my schedule, but gaining the 5 minute drill!  My wheels are spinning after this read!

Doyle Speech Works' Social Media and Social Grace post was again perfection!  Herein lies the comment I posted on her page:

As always, inspiring perfection Annie! My favorite, giving opinions or corrective feedback when it wouldn't change the meaning and likely just offend the author...it's what I always used to focus on with my AS kids. Your opinion of corrective feedback doesn't always need to pop out of your bubble. Try keeping it in and seeing the response! Love this!

You can always expect something inspiring from Allison's Speech Peeps.  Her post about honest career advice is exactly spot on!  Attainable goals attached to interest level.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Another month of must reads!  I'm again grateful for this little endeavor for allowing me to gain more than I could have expected, even if I find myself typing in the middle of the night!

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  1. Thanks for including one of my posts in your faves! :) Let me know how you modify it and what ideas you come up with...I'm always looking for better ways to serve my kids!!!
    Thanks for linking up!


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