Quick Tip Tuesday Linky #3!

I'm linking up with Kim, School SLP, for Quick Tip Tuesday!

Today's tips are all about materials organization!  I use sheet protectors, zippered baggies, sticky notes, clothespins, and binder rings to keep my materials organized {at least until I start the therapy sessions for the day}!

These beauties, from All Y'all Need, are prepped and ready for some super powered kindergarten groups this week.  Thanks to those binder rings, I will only be chasing kids not cards!

I use sheet protectors for most of my original materials whether I will use it for copying or for drill practice in therapy.  I buy packs of 100 often!

Sticky notes work really well for tabbing off each different area, so I can quickly flip for individualized practice during group therapy.

I must admit I have a thing for wooden clothespins.  I have them clipped all around, but I am trying to functionally use them.  If you have any therapy ideas, I'm all ears.

Don't forget to check out more tips!


  1. I'm beginning to LOVE the binder rings! And, they're fairly inexpensive!

  2. I love the clothespins. I have a bunch and haven't used them in a while! I might have to start :) Thanks for linking up!

  3. I love the binder rings and sheet protectors too!


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