The Fib Revealed

I sure hope you were able to enjoy all the SLP Facts & Fibs these past few days! Our winner of the $50 Amazon Gift card has been chosen and so now it is time to reveal the fibs!

A.  The Peachie Speechie really was my FIRST FOLLOWER on my blog and everything about her is peachie and speechie!  I am so grateful for Meredith Avren's support and creativity!  If you have not checked out her blog, TPT store, or apparel store do so right away!  You will thank me later.

B.  I'm guessing many of you know that I am a HUGE Walt Disney World fan.  Too bad Laura is not at Walt Disney World today, as she was for Christmas 2013 when we met.  We could be meeting up this time to ride Expedition Everest together.  I'll be trying to keep the motion sickness at bay while I ride this morning! Don't miss checking out All Y'All Need for fun ideas, giveaways, and truly positive, lovely people!

B.  Although I have not yet met Annie Doyle, I feel like I we share a special bond.  I am guessing that she has touched many of you, as she has me, with her inspirational words and genuine compassion.  The meet up didn't actually occur...yet, but Annie had a dream about it!  Make sure to add Doyle Speech Works to your list of must read blogs!  Annie is a wonderful writer and her expertise about life and speech-language pathology is like no other!

Thanks for all your support of our blog hop.  My first blog hop is under my belt and I can't wait to be invited again.  Truly joyous!


  1. Meeting Annie is HIGH on my list of people to meet! She really is amazing!

  2. We will have lunch, I promise!! You are a kind soul, Sparklle!

    1. I am sure we will, guaranteed! Right back at you!


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