Frenzied SLPs: Things SLPs Should Always Say

I hope you enjoyed reading posts detailing things SLPs should never say.  The Frenzied SLPs and friends are so diverse in their posts which creates a wealth of knowledge and experiences on each topic posted. It's like reading a classroom full of essays on the same topic. I just enjoy all the different perspectives. While my entry is so late to the game I didn't even make the link up, I wanted to share it nonetheless.

Last time I shared social etiquette 
And how I strive to use my social filter. Being flexible is key to success working in the schools.

Today, I'm brining you things SLPs should always say with regards to students.

May we play a game today? 

Yes, we absolutely will do a reinforcement activity after we practice our target skills. 

May I read from my library book today?

Yes, we can work on your skills as you read.

May I sit on a wiggle seat? May I use a fidget?

Yes, these tools are to keep your body and brain ready to learn.

May I use dot markers today?

Yes, everyday!

May I tell you about my weekend?

Yes, let's do that now while I get out our materiels for the day.

May I do show-and-tell next time?

Yes, you bring in something small and next time I'll set the time for 2 minutes and you can share with the group!

May I make up new rules for our game?

Yes, today we will play with your rules and the next time someone else can have a chance to create new rules!

May we shoot hoops in speech?

Why, I just purchased and set up this wonderful basketball hoop for just that reason!

Anything that encourages communication is a yes in my book! SLPs should always say yes to encourage communication!

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