Frenzied SLPs: Things SLPs Should NEVER Say!

The Frenzied SLPs are back this month to bring you a 2-part installment with a never and always twist. I'm hosting this month along with my girls from Doyle Speech Works and All Y'All Need.

In social skills group we teach our students to use their social filter. {Shameless plug. Here is my book companion for I Can't Believe You Said That! by Julia Cook}. Right about now in my job that social filter is ABSOLUTELY necessary. I'm talking thick, durable screen. Workload is high. Sleep is at a minimum. That's reality. I must use my social filter to refrain from saying the things my mind may be thinking. I will remember another important quote.

Blessed are those who are flexible for they shall not break. 

Break I shall, if I let this time of year get the best of me and things SLPs should never say to colleagues or parents will be breaking through my screen and shooting out of my mouth. Which brings me to another social skills lesson. I bow down to Michelle Garcia Winner and her Social Thinking Curriculum. I've been teaching my students to set aside their rock brain, with help from our craftivity and some pinned videos. 

Our flexible brain and rock brain.

SLPs should never say, I can't be flexibleI won't change, or It must be done my way

We enhance communication not shut it down. How are you using your social filter and flexible thinking these days?


  1. YES! Let's be flexible. That's the way to be! :) Manda

  2. Blessed are those who are flexible for they shall not break. I am definitely posting these wise words in my office! This is so true! Thank you- I am also suffering from moments of rock brain. :)

  3. Every day is a challenge. Let's just say I have some interesting conversations in my mind!

  4. Flexible seems to be my middle name these days!

  5. Some days are definitely harder than others, aren't they? :D

  6. I use my social filter all day, every day...some days it's exhausting! What I live for are the moments with friends and family where I can forget about filtering so much of what I say!


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