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Well I am so pleased to be joining Old School Speech as she hosts a favorite posts linky.  Remember my reason for starting this little blog?  To keep myself organized and have a spot to house all the ideas I come across.  Mary has come up with a way to store, if you will, favorite posts from the month for future reference.  Grand idea to give a boost to the old memory.

Here goes my short list of favorite posts from December.

I just LOVE Mia.  Her materials are out of this world awesome, her blog posts are inspiring, not to mention she is a delightful, caring, creative individual!

Her recent post about pushing in is another must read from Mia!

Self-reflection forms by thedabblingspeechie is also a post to read and then head straight to her TPT store to download the forms.

Writing Heals by Annie of Doyle Speech Works is another top this month. Annie is by far the most inspiring writer and you can always count on her to bring a heartfelt informative message.  I was just grumbling about having to work on writing with a student that moved in with written language goals.  Annie reminded me of the importance and I thank her.

And well, you can never go wrong with a post over at Speechie Freebies.

Visit Speechie Freebies!

Finally, if you happen to see my list of Blogs that Sparklle {it does need quite a few additions}, I am a HUGE fan of I Heart Organizing.  I read every post and usually try and mimic anything I can from her creative, organized little blog.  She shares the creative organization of many others and this post from All Things Thrifty is no exception.  While I will not be seeing students over the holidays, I do have 3 of my own littles at home who might enjoy a little milk with sprinkles around the glass or a New Year's party kit.  But speechies, pay special attention to the Year in Review printable.  What a great language activity for the first week back.  I had started crafting my own, but finding this will save time my friends!

Another month of inspiring posts here in blogland.  I'm again grateful for this little endeavor for allowing me to gain more than I could have expected.  Merry Christmas to all!


  1. I'm a bit organizational OCD, so I'm definitely going to check out I Heart Organizing!
    Thanks for linking up!!!


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