Wild About Books Wednesday Linky: Christmas Style!

I have been so wild about books and thanks to Scarlett over at Speech is Sweet, I can continue to share this obsession.  Using books in therapy is absolutely positively perfect for targeting a wide variety of target skills.  Did I mention my students are completely attentive during the read aloud?  It's like having them at hello!  The books I choose are mostly quick reads, taking about 5-7 minutes of therapy time.  I use books with K-2 and depending on the selection 3rd grade also.

Today, I'm linking up to share my newest book companion for A Pirate's Night Before Christmas by Philip Yates.  My students enjoyed the other pirate books I read earlier this year, so I knew this would be a hit.

You can target a variety of regular and irregular verbs in this story.  Quite a few students are working at the carryover level, so retelling with a story map or a picture walk targets loads of past tense verbs.  There is plenty Tier 1 vocabulary like pirate, pirate ship, and pirate map as well as Tier 2 vocabulary like gleamed and aboard for defining and describing.  I have tons of students working on pronouns, so I use books to talk about what "he/she/they" is/are doing, what "he/she/they" has/have, and what belongs to "him/her/them."  My articulation students have become masters at listening for target sounds in books and writing words on one of my open ended articulation sheets.  You can find a pirate treasure FREEBIE here.  There is also a different version included within the book companion.  There is also a pirate glossary at the end of the story.  Talking like a pirate is beyond fabulous.  Working on social language, vocabulary, and articulation while talking like a pirate would create a memorable day in speech.  Comparing and contrasting reindeer and seahorses {the pirate method of leading the sleigh} or the original Twas the Night Before Christmas and A Pirate's Night Before Christmas would be an entire session of analyzing and pulling out details.

Since the night before Christmas is quickly approaching, I am offering this book companion at 50% off in my TPT store until December 24, 2014.

Here is the post from last year where you can find my book companion for Merry Christmas Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt.  I completed updated it, so if you already purchased it, please re-download.  Here are some snapshots of my students in action this past week.

Drawing and describing a Christmasaurus!

Asking questions for mama!

Reinforcement matching activity!

Speech tree for /s/ in production!

Speech tree for /l/ in production!

I am already planning a book companion for the original I love you Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt as my students got such a kick out of  the name "Stinky Face" and I neglected to offer them prior knowledge.  I sure will follow up with this background.  I'm thinking a Valentine's day companion!

Make sure to head back over to Speech is Sweet to find more books for speech therapy!

I am not affiliated with the books aforementioned in this post.  The books are required for use.


  1. Thank you for linking up! I'll definitely need to add this to my collection for next year.. My primary students LOVE pirates! :)

  2. I can't believe I am just now getting to read this! Oh well, I'll have to get the book for next year. I already have a list going :) As always your ideas are imaginative and fun! I love your posts!


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