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It's the end of my favorite month of the year.  Not because it is cold and snowy, rather who doesn't love their birthday month, even if it means for me being on the road to 40.  Regardless of my internal emotions right now, I'm embracing the journey {maybe}.  Today, I'm again joining Old School Speech as she hosts a favorite posts linky.  Remember my reason for starting this little blog?  To keep myself organized and have a spot to house all the ideas I come across.  Mary has come up with a way to store, if you will, favorite posts from the month for future reference.  Grand idea to give a boost to the old memory.

Here goes my short list of favorite posts from January.

#BecauseImASLP is a sweet little post by Jenna, highlighting her affirmations revealing why this profession is truly a gift.  I am definitely feeling the warm fuzzies each time I read a post on Instagram!

#BecauseImASLP I get to live our school motto "every kid, every day, you matter!"  @sparklleslp

Have you checked out the Frenzied SLPs yet?  This month, Mia {you know she is a favorite of mine if you have been reading} tells us a little about herself.  I never knew this part of blogging, getting to know so many SLPs from across the country, would be so fulfilling!  I often find myself thinking about these lovely ladies that I have "met."  Some of my other Frenzied SLP favorites are Peachie Speechie and All Y'all Need.  These three ladies are truly the sweetest around.

Speaking of All Y'all Need.  They often link up for Five for Friday and well I just love reading these 5 snippets each time.  This reminder of my favorite posts is also a kick in the old rear to link up sometime!

As I said last month, you can never go wrong with a post over at Speechie Freebies.  Good golly I need to organize my materials on my desktop.  I am way too embarrassed to show you what it looks like on a regular basis.  I'm saving this post for a snow day!

Visit Speechie Freebies!

Another month of inspiring posts here in blogland.  I'm again grateful for this little endeavor for allowing me to gain more than I could have expected.


  1. Love your motto!
    I'm enjoying reading about the Frenzied SLPs, too.
    Thanks for linking up!

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! Love ya!



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