Wild About Books Wednesday Linky! I Love You Stinky Face!

I'm in LOVE with so many Valentine themed books which makes it so hard to choose one for therapy.  I might think of a way to extend the theme a bit, but I can always use Old School Speech's quick tip for keeping track of which books I use this year by adding a little sticky note to the cover with the school year.  Until I figure it out, I'll share some therapy ideas for I Love You Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt.

I'm once again linking up with Scarlett for Wild About Books Wednesday.

Although I am not affiliated with this book, I truly adore the Stinky Face books.  I've been reading this particular book to my son since he was a little guy.  It's truly perfect for active imaginations with big worries.  Lisa McCourt writes about a little boy that relentlessly asks questions inquiring if his mama would still love him if he were to present as a number of different creatures with unique character traits.  So, when he asks if she would still love him if he were a super smelly skunk, mama continues to offer detailed responses to show her unconditional love.

This book offers rich vocabulary and detailed descriptions perfect for defining and describing.

I am always in need of practical carryover activities for past tense verb usage {both regular and irregular verbs} in which this book offers ample opportunities for retell of what mama would do to show her affection if really her son transformed into a swamp monster or alligator or cyclops.

Sequencing events as well as summarizing using the Somebody Wanted But So Then {SWBST} strategy are also easily addressed using this book.

Addressing character feelings throughout the story is a great way to work on perspective taking.

Stinky Face asks a great deal of questions.  Students can work on asking their own questions or creating their own creature with descriptive details.

Articulation groups can practice discrimination by listening for target sounds in words and then practicing correct production at the word or sentence level as well as through retell of the text.

I have also created a book companion.  I must say it is becoming a bit of an addiction!  I just can't stop!  This book companion includes a variety of activities to address vocabulary, verb usage, articulation, summarizing and retelling, asking questions, describing, following directions, and answering comprehension questions.

If you download the preview, I have included Roll & Color Hearts for your use as a freebie!  Whether you read I Love You Stinky Face or another Valentine themed story, this is an easy reinforcement activity to use when targeting any skill!

Thanks for stopping by.  Do you have any favorite Valentine themed books?  I'd love to add them to my collection.  Don't forget to check out the other book recommendations over at Speech is Sweet!


  1. I saw the book on Amazon but didn't buy it because I just wasn't sure about it. I may have to go ahead and get it now, especially since you have a companion packet, and I adore companion packets!
    Thanks for the shout out...glad my tip was useful! :)

  2. Thanks for linking up! I haven't read this book, but it sounds so cute! Your companion looks fantastic too. :)


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