I heart to organize speechy things!

Today, I'm linking up with SLP Runner to bring you some storage organization for your speechy things!  I am so glad Jen decided to host a linky.  You see, here, is where I planned to host an organizational linky...enter crickets and me laughing at myself.  Yep, I'm using my graphic to pretend I actually followed through with my idea {wish I would have left off linky on my design}, followed by Jen's cute picture that actually does include a link up!

I'm pretty sure my storage system is not a novel idea, so creative is not really fitting, but I'm hoping it may allow you a starting point if you have a pile of materials with no place to call home.  Prior to this system {which I need for portability}, my files were all stored in a large metal filing cabinet with hanging file folders.  Created materials were placed in laminated large brown clasp envelopes that I could just pull out for therapy.  These handy envelopes {9x12 size} were perfect for hands to pull items from the "bag" during therapy.  Then, my district stopped stocking this size envelope and the laminator broke {and was not replaced}.  Although I have my own laminator, it is not large enough for that size envelope, so buying my own wasn't even an option.  Okay, long story, onto the new system.

Each material is kept within its own gallon-sized baggie.  I use a lot of sheet protectors, smaller baggies, as well as binder rings for materials within the baggie.

Baggies are then sorted into speech and language categories by theme.

The hanging file folders are placed within a hanging file storage container.  Large labels indicate the overall thematic contents.  These labels are available in my TPT store as a freebie.

A file folder {or multiple per area} is placed in each bin to house copies of worksheets/print and go materials for easy recycling from year to year.

Although these totally need updating, both aesthetically and contents wise, these thematic materials lists are created for each theme indicating materials available to address target skills.  I also put these in each bin.

Each bin has a home in my speech room, but as you can see above from my dirty rug, I often bring these bins home for organizing and planning.  The labels change often as my collection grows.  Here are the labels I used originally and now I've just been using shipping size printer labels that I can quickly create and stick as each bin evolves.

 Ahh, and there is something about this that makes me smile!  {Yes, I often dream that each bin was exactly alike, as similar is still a bit distracting to me.}  I truly do heart to organize speechy things.  And, I may or may not have changed these labels Friday night when I was completely overwhelmed with a mound of IEPs to write.  I guess organizing is how my mind gets prepared for tasks that aren't so heart happy!

Thank you SLP Runner!  Make sure to head back over to check out her creative storage options.  I vow to resist the urge to create a few right now!


  1. I adore you! Such a great post, thanks for linking up.

  2. Thanks for sharing your organization. What do you have listed on your thematic materials list? Is it areas addressed like articulation, receptive language, fluency? I tried to make on on the computer but never have enough time for that. Maybe a paper format will be easier at first.

  3. I love how organized everything is!


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