Quick Tips on Tuesday! Linky!

Being a school-based SLP, I feel I can never learn enough tips for therapy and streamlining workload.  I thought it would be nice to post a tip {on Tuesday} here and there to remind myself of advice learned along the way.  I assure you that most of my tips will be those gained from others, with this just being a central location for collecting those tips!

A few weeks later...Call it procrastination or impulsiveness gone wild with no organization of my ideas, but I spent the last few weeks thinking about this idea often with absolutely no action.  I got as far as typing my intro (paragraph one) and finding some tips for speech-lifting (I'll share them below) and then it fell by the wayside.  Enter Kim Jarvis, the super cute and creative School SLP!  Her timing was impeccable for her Quick Tip Tuesday Linky Party.  Now all I have do is link up and share tips, while finding even more over at her linky!

Here are some tips!

For starters, check out Nicole Allison's quick tip for data collection.  She talked about "writing each trial/month in a different color so it's easy to spot how many trials you have." Nicole further states that she takes data this way once every 5 weeks.  Best part, she even uploaded her editable data sheet to TPT as a freebie!  I asked Nicole if I could link to her quick tip {she said yes} and then I laughed with a colleague about trying to find the correct marker on the day I was collecting data.  You can follow Nicole @nrallison on Instagram for more on her color-coded data collection system {and much more}!  You can also check out her spectacular blog, Allison's Speech Peeps.

I also reached out to Felice Clark, The Dabbling Speechie, as she posted a quick tip for TPT sellers. She posts, "keep all your graphic credits with hyperlinks on one page, so you can quickly cut n'paste into your product!"  Genius I tell you, especially if you were to take a look at my desktop you would know I need this tip!  And although she sent me a picture to include, you won't see it here {my technology fail}, but more reason to go check her out on IG @thedabblingspeechie.  You might also want to see this fabulous post on her blog.  She has a little addiction to magnetic hooks, wash tubs, and plastic pouches too!

Head back over to the linky for more quick tips!


  1. I also use the different colored pens for data collection :) That way I know how many trials I have done and when! (I also use it for taking data on different articulation levels). Thanks so much for linking up!

    1. Great idea! I am definitely not that organized, but would love to be. Maybe something to strive for!

  2. I use different colors for my goals by month, but that's as far as it goes. I'm a pencil girl, but I need a sharp point...always. Ahhh, so many tips so few brain cells ;)


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