Quick Tips Tuesday Linky! #2

I'm linking up with Kim, School SLP, for Quick Tip Tuesday!

Today, I'm offering a tip I learned from one of our district SLPs.  She may just be the master of organization, knowing when to cut out the fat, so to say.  For years, I was taking data on separate sheets and including an attendance log for each student; therefore creating two sheets for each child on top of all the other madness that comes with group therapy materials, goal pages, and homework sheets.  I then had to pull out each folder {I keep my plans and data in folders for each group of students} when it came time to billing.  While this is not the only reason I am not usually caught up on billing in a timely manner, this was definitely NOT helping the matter.

We all do things a bit differently and some of us can't live without certain forms; however, once I ditched the individual attendance form, I felt free!  The solution was to use the schedule of therapy groups I already carried around on a clipboard {everywhere I went} to double as attendance.  It had the student names, the days, and times all ready set.  Hello genius, why did this never occur to me?  Herein lies the how to.

1.  Copy your schedule for the week {mine shows the entire week on one landscape sheet for M-F groups}.
2.  Write the date on the top of the schedule.  Week of:
3.  Write dates next to each group as they are seen and cross off/add notes for any students that are absent/not seen.
4.  Within testing blocks, write the time and student name.
5.  Attack billing with ease by highlighting each event as it is billed.

Did you catch that?  One sheet for all your attendance and billing needs each week.  After the week is over, I just copy a new sheet and add it to my clipboard.  If you ever want to know attendance for a child {besides printing out the nice log I now have created by adding my billing information to our program}, just quickly flip through each week on your clipboard.

Hope this helps to cut the fat!  I am grateful to a very efficient colleague for this Tip #2!


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