Wild About Books Wednesday!

As I professed last week, I'm in LOVE with so many Valentine themed books which makes it so hard to choose one for therapy.  Good news is, you can never go wrong with one of Lucille Colandro's books.  There Was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Rose is another adventure into the stomach of an old lady.

Although I am not affiliated with this book, Lucille's books are great for speech therapy targets.  The story is predictable, making students naturally guess what possibly the old lady could be creating this time.  You got it!  Predictions and inferences are a plenty in this lovely story.  It is also grand for it's predictability for encouraging verbal expression and increasing mean length of utterance.  My K-2 kids love telling the story along with me.

Every book I use in therapy always is a platform for targeting past tense verbs, as I am always in need of practical carryover activities for both regular and irregular verbs. Sentence starters are perfect for a little visual or auditory cue!

She swallowed...
She ate...
I fed her...

Since the old lady swallows items in a certain order and the book repeats those items in reverse fashion, the students get multiple opportunities to practice sequencing with this book.

In connecting with the curriculum, we always discuss Fiction vs. Nonfiction and what makes the old lady books fit the fiction heading.  We also talk about author's purpose.  We are always entertained by the old lady!

Articulation groups can practice discrimination by listening for target sounds in words and then practicing correct production at the word or sentence level as well as through retell of the text.  Writing targets as they are heard is another way to provide for home practice after the session.

Finally, Lucille's books always contain rhyme.  Identifying the rhyming words or using those words to target final consonant deletion adds to the list of ways to use this book.

My newest addiction for creating book companions has yielded a print and go version.  You can purchase it here.  It won't set you back very much at all and ALL you have to do is print!  No prep required.  This book companion includes activities to address articulation, vocabulary (Tier 1 and 2), following directions, sequencing, pronouns, and singular/plural regular nouns.

I'm once again linking up with Scarlett for Wild About Books Wednesday.

Thanks for stopping by.  Don't forget to check out the other book recommendations!  I'm still adding to my list!


  1. I'm doing this book next week! I just checked out your print 'n go packet; I wasn't going to give the kids homework next week (we're off the next Mon. & Tues.), but I think I will now! :)

  2. Thanks for linking up! I love these books and NO PREP is my favorite! :)

  3. Love your suggestions for activities and books. The Old Lady books are definitely reliable and fun! Thanks, Sparklle!


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