The Frenzied SLPs: April Showers

The Frenzied SLPs are back this month bringing you All About Water in Therapy. Make sure to check out all the link ups below.

Around here, April sure has started with showers and a little hail to go with it too. I'm not planning on taking my students out to splash in the puddles (although our Just Run after school club starts this week with a forecasted high of 35 degrees with some chances of a frozen mix). What I am planning is bringing water into therapy in the form of sensory bottles.

You can search sensory bottles and find a variety of ways to create your own. I recall making oil and water bottles way back as a Girl Scout and it has stayed a memory since that time. I co-treat with our OT every Friday to provide social skills instruction to students in grades K-5. Our focus has been on defining calm and choosing tools to help calm. This week we will make our very own calming bottles.

Here is what we will have on hand for our creative minds:

small water bottles
clear glue or glitter glue
food coloring
assorted craft items:  sequins, google eyes, pom poms
super glue (for securing the lids once our creations are complete)

Here are some pictures of the samples we made at home. All my supplies are already at school, so we used what we had a home to give it a whirl.

I used travel size containers and just added glitter and water to these bottles.
I added food coloring, glue, glitter, and some beads to this one.
This bottle is half water with food coloring and half oil. I later added some crafty items.
 I can't wait to see the creations our students come up with this week. Another "water" related therapy material I think you may find useful are these pool noodle card holders.

Slice off 1-2 inch segments from a pool noodle.
Slice a small slit in the segment.
I made 4 small holders and still had enough of the pool noodle left to make 4 long holders.
I cut the remaining segments into 4 pieces and then cut a slice in one side.
Cut a section off the other side to allow the noodle to lay flat. 
The finished product!
Another finished product!
How are you using water or water related items in therapy?  I am looking forward to reading the other link ups to find out some new ideas.


  1. Great ideas! I definitely have to give the pool noodle idea a try! Thank you!

  2. I LOVE this post!! Who doesn't need a coloring sensory bottle and cool trick for holding cards? Thanks for your creative post!

  3. Yes...I am inspired! I did the pool noodle thing before and I cannot for the life of me, get them to rest flat! I always cut crooked!

  4. I love sensory bottles! They are so much fun, and the kids love them!

  5. I have bought the pool noodles- but haven't "created" with them yet. You are inspiring me :)

  6. I love both your ideas! Pool noodles are starting to show up in local stores.
    All Y’all Need

  7. I remember the sensory bottles from girl scouts, and it too has stuck with me! I just couldn't remember how to do it. We use bottles like this in my class too, inspiring me to make some new ones for the babies!


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